Tuesday, April 20, 2010

when sheets turn against you...

okay so for those of you who know my husband, who will from hereinafter be referred to as 'han solo,' should not be surprised to learn that when we first got married, he took it upon himself to locate, bid on, and subsequently purchase vintage star wars sheets and comforters (for a single bed, mind you). lucky for him, our efforts at procreation resulted in 2 boys, so we didn't have to switch out his treasures for any of this barbie or dora nonsense.

now that #1 is out of the crib and into a real bed, han solo finally has his chance to pass on the star wars love to his offspring. this 'love' was redefined at around 1:37am central standard time, when we were awakened to the terrified screams of our 2 year old. i ran into his room to see him standing on the floor, legitimately freaked out to the point of trembling, and pointing to his bed saying "doggy! laying on doggy!!!"

i'm like - okay, wha? seriously, bud.. (in my mind of course, not so much out loud)

it doesn't take me long to find the source of his fear. there emblazoned on his very sheets, was the scary figure of one, freakishly scary chewbacca. i'm not surprised he was scared by it... in the right (or wrong, more correctly) light, chewy is a bit of a monster.

because i'm SO resourceful (or maybe because this was the 3rd time in as many hours that i'd already been roused from my bed and i just couldn't be bothered to find a more suitable option), i grabbed his towel and covered up the scary doggy. this seemed to do the trick. dutch, convinced the doggy was now rendered unable to do any damage, climbed back into bed, settled down on top of the towel, and after a quick 'pray to jee-jus' was back to sleep in no time.

we are still using the towel option and he's reminded me at naptime today and again at bedtime that the doggy is covered up. i'm just waiting for that inevitable night where he pulls his comforter down just a leettle bit too far and discovers the other lurking chewy's.

note: as i type this titus is exploring his 'range of motion' on my lap and has just now face planted into the table. this signals the end of my post.


Anonymous said...

How funny! I can just see it happening! Poor little guy!

Des said...

haha uh-oh I'm worried now with my son's Star Wars themed room and all the SW items every where! lol :-)

Des said...

PS. I totally posted this blog on Peter Mayhew's (aka Chewy) FB page :-)

LIZZY said...

lol, thanks des! just keep a towel handy and you just might be okay... :)

racheljenae said...

Well my older brother definitely had those sheets and i think they're still at my parents house, but little 4 yr old Andrew knows Star Wars like my brother talks of them every day!
We grew up having all night Star Wars Marathons in my family, to which I would fall in and out of sleep and be completely confused up until i was about 16 of what the movies were really about.
The sheets might have been a tad too soon...or...just get him the lightsaber to fend off Chuey!!!