Thursday, January 15, 2009

for the record

yes, i grew up in wasilla, alaska.

yes, that is sarah palin's hometown.

yes, we went to rival high schools.

no, it was not at the same time.

no, we were not friends.

no, i don' t know her personally.

yes, she attends my parent's church.

no, i've never seen her there when i visit home.

yes, i think tina fey makes a better sarah palin than the real sarah palin.

yes, i am writing this post to avoid working.

yes, i have plenty to keep me busy.


bullets said... check that VERY funny

becki said...

thank you for finally setting the record straight.

...not that i ever actually asked you any of those questions.

LIZZY said...

out loud. you never asked those questions out loud...

Anonymous said...

for the record I always get SO embarrassed when Aaron brings anything up about it!

honeyjodie said...

Are you serious? I was born in Anchorage and my dad still lives in Wasilla.