Monday, June 15, 2009

i just don't know sometimes

i blame the economy. no, more realistically, i blame pregnancy. i haven't posted for almost 6 months, and i blame the fact that the first 4 months of pregnancy always turn me into a naseous lifeless recluse. this change in status means i don't get out into the world and gather the fodder that gives inspiration to post on my blog. thankfully i am coming out of the darkness; marked most noticeably by seeing less of the inside of the toilet and more of my friends and the outside world.

so in case you didn't catch it - i am pregnant. again. little lowrie #2 is due december 12. that's right, two days after his/her big brother was born. apparently i am only fertile in march (it wasn't for lack of trying in other months, i assure you). i'm tempted to just have this one on the 10th too. i mean come on, both my kids already share a birthday month with jesus christ. maybe we'll have the big birthday bashes on their "half birthday" in june. i'm convinced it's a girl, but we won't find out until end of july/early august. i'm eager to find out if i'm right.

in addition to pushing out another kid, there are a ton of things i have yet to do before this time next year, the highest priority being getting rid of this dang house. sell it, rent it, accidental fire, i don't care...i just want it gone. i don't have the best attitude, i know, and really, this is a great house. i still love living in it, don't get me wrong, but with the past months involving layoffs and paycuts; its become a burden i am just not able to bear much longer.

one year. sounds so short when i say it sometimes. sigh...

dutch and i head up to alaska in a week's time to visit the fam. it will be good to get away and to be able to walk outside without immediately sweating through a shirt. i'm sure the trip up and back will avail itself many wonderful and equally horrid things to blog on. which gives promise that my next posts will be way more interesting and have more bite; these 'catch-up posts' just don't cut it.

until then, "You stay classy, San Diego. I'm Ron Burgundy? "


becki said...

I'm leaving you a comment to affirm your posting and in doing so to encourage said posts to continue! You're a great writer and you've got moxy! Keep it up!

LIZZY said...

hmmm, Moxy.. what a great name for a girl. filing it away for future 'name negotiation' discussions should we be having a girl this time. thanks Bexes!