Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hippie or just plain gross?

my dear friend Girish, who has a penchant for sending me the most random and unsolicited links to some of the weirdest articles written in our day, has succeeded in yet again grossing me out. as a pregnant woman who has indulged many of my 'hippie tendencies' (there are so many more that are not yet in practice, but i digress), i found myself reading about a not-so-new practice of the 'granola type' new mother and decidedly choosing here and now that i would not, could not and shant EVER choose to do what this article talks about. i will walk around barefoot, wear long skirts, try the crystal deodorant (doesn't work), eat all sorts of weird plants and seeds and green drinks, but NEVER will i EVER eat the placenta post-birth. to be quite honest, it had never occurred to me (even though the health benefits are purported to be A-MAZING.)

as a vegan, my food guideline is simply - if it had a face i don't eat it. as my dad likes to point out, i do eat potatoes, and they may not have a face, but they DO have eyes... oh dad, you slay me! i would have to say that since 'it' came from me, and i have a face, logic tells me that based strictly on my veganess - placenta is out of the question. not to mention the real issue - the sheer grossness of it all. oh yeah, and the fact that zach would probably die or worse, stay married and throw up in his mouth a little every time he saw me. nope, i can't do it... i just can't.

thanks Girish, for forcing some perspective and keep those odd articles coming my way...


Girish said...

You are most welcome. Now that I know you are a vegan, more articles coming.... LOL.

Lolly said...

I have no words. Okay, I do but they are really just gagging and wretching sounds and I'm not sure how they should be spelled so.....no words.

Anonymous said...

Its Erin Cross,

My sister had her birth natural and the midwife gave her the placenta to place in the freezer. Allegedly it tastes like jerky...ALLEGEDLY. I don't know if my sis has eaten it or not but I do know she is building up the strength to do so. I may not keep you posted on that one since the thought of it turns my stomach.

Miss you!