Monday, June 2, 2008

high maintanence yes?

So, I went to lunch with Marian today. We went a little early to avoid the lunch rush and desiring something on the healthier side, we ended up at La Madeleine. Yes, I am one of 'those people' who have a definite idea of what I want and how I want it, however, I don't feel that it is above and beyond the norm.

So, back to the 'lunch line' at LM. I order a Caesar salad with no dressing and no Parmesan cheese. I think this rattled the salad chick as she asked me 3 times if I wanted cheese and started to put my lettuce into the Caesar salad bowl (to mix it with the entire CUP of dressing that I just had asked her not to include). I don't think I was glaring, but she looked up and realized that she was putting dressing on my no dressing salad. After a sigh, she puts my pile of lettuce on the plate and starts to put cheese on top, but stopped herself just in time.

Then I ordered the Strawberries Romanoff, with the romanoff on the side. Easy, right? Weeeeeell, she puts a pile of strawberries in the cup and hands it to me, and I look down to see brown strawberries. Now, I know I am not going to get 8 perfect strawberries, but even Marian had a look on her face like.. that doesn't look so good. So I asked for another set of strawberries. I could tell the girl was like "Geez, this chick is SO high maintenance", and maybe if I was in her shoes, I would think the same thing about me. However, I feel that, if I am paying $5 for 8 strawberries, they should at least be edible. Am I out of line?

I know I am not the typical 'order off the menu as it is' kind of girl, and I have come to accept that about myself. But I feel in this case, I was not asking her to go out back and grow me some organic, fresh strawberries, hand pick them and bring them to me, I was merely asking for a set of edible non-molding strawberries. I think I got about 6 edible ones on the second try and decided I'd put her through enough hell, so I moved on and paid.

So now I have to decide... food snob or high maintenance? I just don't know.


Missie Rose said...

um....where to begin?!? no, your not high maintence or a food snob. neither. and i'm not saying that to cox your ego. as someone who has waited table for 7 years, i feel like, i have been there so i can go there. personally, i would never serve anything i wouldn't want to eat myself, or at least, agree it's worth what the person is paying for. that's just basic customer service in the food industry. now, telling me your ready to order then opening the menu to decide, well that right there IRKS the hell out of me. why do people do that? why??? back to your eating out self-examination: i think you are particular. take that for what it's worth. i don't feel there is anything wrong with being particular as long as your aware of it and make no excuses about it.

go on, demand eight edible strawberries!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you're one of the lowest maintenance people I know!
Yet, you are a very picky eater :-)
Emily ate all of her brown strawberries!