Monday, June 2, 2008

sunday, bloody sunday

So I woke up on Sunday and felt something I haven't felt in a long long time.

Joy. Pure joy.

Not to say that I am not happy most days, but usually when I wake up there is already a million things to do and a million more things I have on my mind that I have to do and worry about. A million things that I don't like about my life and how I can make them change on my own, and fast!

Sunday I didn't. Sunday was different. The sun was streaming in the windows, our house was clean (just don't look in my closet), my baby was all smiles, I wasn't tired and we were not in a hurry. It was so nice. I just laid there for about 20 minutes and thought about all the wonderful things that make my life happy and worthwhile (pretty much all the things I take for granted most days). My amazing husband, my crazy kid, all our incredible friends, and yes, even our stinky dog.

I know its probably not the best thing to publicly say that I don't experience joy all the time, especially as a Christian, but let's face it, sometimes there is just so much on your plate that joy is just not readily available. I'm just being honest.

I thank God for days like Sunday.

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Missie Rose said...

whatever about not saying it. i say, say it loud and say it proud. living dishonestly with your self is way worse than admitting Joy is sometimes hard to harness.