Tuesday, May 6, 2008

B! R! A! D!...gooooo Brad!

So someone finally did it! I shouldn't be surprised that it ended up being Brad Shull...he is a fantastic photographer. He was able to get Little Man to smile AND take a picture at the same time. And this wasn't the 'surprised, eyes wide open' smile we get on camera at home; this was an honest to goodness smile! Thanks Brad!

Side note: I have determined that Dutch looks just like Zach when he was that age and I look a lot like my mom when she was my age. Funny how that works out.


Lolly said...

Definitely Zach Lowrie's boy! And again, you are so photogenic!

JessicAllen said...

G! R! E! A! T! picture!!! Beautiful family!

Des said...

SUCH a great picture!

Missie Rose said...

i've found you and now i will spy on you.

ps-i want to eat yours and des's baby at the same time. yummy cheeks!