Monday, May 5, 2008

rice cereal...woop woop

heading into 5 months old and we are approaching the introduction of solid foods. now having done this about two weeks or so, i have learned a few lessons on feeding little man Dutch Lowrie:

1. someone gets very upset if he doesn't get to hold his own spoon. so now we have Dutch's spoon and mommy's spoon.

2. someone will gag himself with his own spoon if not put into his hand properly

3. someone hates bibs. all bibs.

4. keep a wet washcloth nearby at all times. it gets very messy very quickly. very.

he is doing well, and i think we will stick to rice cereal for a time before we move on to foods that stain. I am trying to put my aversion to messy kid eaters to the side (or at least curb it) but believe me, when he is old enough to eat all by himself, we will be teaching him the glory that is eating with some sense of not getting it EVERYWHERE. we'll see how that goes. :)

i am determined to make his baby foods at home and not buy the junk at the store in the jar. i think i will do okay until we start on meats. as someone who has a strong issue with foods touching on her plate and anything even remotely resembling a cassarole (foods touching in a dish covered in do you know what's in there?!!! ack!) i forsee some tense moments pureeing turkey and peas together for little man to eat. like i said, we'll see how that goes.


Lolly said...

A word of encouragement regarding the mess-Zach could not stand to have food on his hands and before he could use a napkin by himself he would hold his hands out to be washed about every other bite, with an "ick" expression on his face. It's true. It took a long time to feed him.

Des said...

I never fed her the meat baby food and I wish I would have made Lyric's too. But alas, being a working mom i only have so much time.

Missie Rose said...

HA! i'm sure your already learning the messy-ness only get's worse and worse, and then, one day dutch will decide he doesn't want to anything until you tell him it's time for bed. kids are little shits. adorable, and my life would be so empty without, before, shits. good luck. and in which case, since this was written awhile back how is the making of your own baby food going?!? i never went there and i also never went with weird gerber creations. when i did feed conrad jar food it was the pricey earth's best, otherwise i fed him foods i could easily mash with a fork. it worked.