Tuesday, November 20, 2012

20 November 2012 :: 174

:: Dutch Soren ::

You have a new favourite game to play, where you ask me how to say a random word in French.  I nearly always reply that I don't know and you suggest that I "tweeter" it.  "Tweeter" is your Google, and so we plop down on the comfy chair and look up random words like "window sill", "ottoman", and poo poo in google translate and giggle at the robotic pronunciation and, of course, then practice it ourselves.

Sometimes I try to guess how to say the word before the robot voice and when I get it wrong, you make me look up how to say "I was wrong" in French.  You are just like your Daddy in that you like to be right. 

20 November 2012 :: 5:33pm


Kari Lowrie said...

Oh my! I know you believe me when I said "been there done that"! :)

Grammy said...

Dutch is a real thinker. He is like a sponge, just soaking up knowledge,desiring to learn. When you were little, there was no "tweeter" so you had to believe me, even though I may have been wrong or made something up! You can't get away with that!