Monday, November 19, 2012

19 November 2012 :: 173

:: Finnik Liam ::

Today you rolled over for the first time! You got so frustrated though at the arm across your neck once you'd rolled onto your tummy that you cried and cried, even after I rolled you back over. I'm hoping this won't deter future rolls.

You've also found your fist and most nights you abandon the paci and I can hear you sucking slurping your fingers, or even your entire fist. You haven't quite nailed how to reach your mouth on the first try and I love to watch you try over and over, as you hit your eye with your fist and drag it down your face hoping desperately to make contact with your waiting open mouth.

19 November 2012 :: 11:48am


Kari Lowrie said...

He's growing so fast! Please give him kisses from me and tell him I love him sooooo much!

Grammy said...

YEAH FINN! Your first big milestone! Pretty soon, you will be trying to keep up with your brothers! Such a good boy!