Tuesday, August 7, 2012

07 August 2012 :: 068

:: Dutch Soren ::
You looked forward to this ALL day!  You got to go to the CPR in downtown Brussels together with Daddy; just the two of you.  Not only did you get to ride the train, but you also got to stay up late.  You were equally excited that Titus was not allowed to go, and did not waste any opportunity to make sure he knew he was NOT going and was stuck at home with Mommy.  
A little pop down to the British store for some ice cream helped to assuage any hurt feelings. Daddy snapped this on the train to Brussels; you were practicing writing your name with your new pen, which is one of your new favourite things to do.  You're getting quite good at it, my brilliant little man!

07 August 2012 :: 5.56pm


Anonymous said...

Dutch is a Scholar in the making.

Kari Lowrie said...

Yes, I agree with Grammy. He's such a thinker and will one day be a great teacher!