Monday, August 6, 2012

06 August 2012 :: 067

:: Dutch Soren ::
Now that I am home every day, you are very good about extending the formal invitation to come sit in your room and watch you play trains. You are so excited for me to see you play trains, that I can rarely say No.  You used to ask me to play trains with you, but with this belly, I'm not good at getting on the floor for long periods of time, so you always let me know that it's ok, I can just sit and watch.  If I take too long getting back to your room (30 seconds is considered 'too long'), you come find me and remind me of where I am supposed to be heading.
You're not big on letting me take pictures of you most days, but you love when I take pictures of your trains.

06 August 2012 :: 11.39am 

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