Sunday, July 8, 2012

08 July 2012 :: 037

:: Titus Hinrik ::

Potty training, Day 4.  You are a pro! Poo is still a little touch and go, but otherwise, you are doing great!

You have a little celebration dance you do whenever you accomplish your mission. You like to carry the little toilet into the bathroom and pour it in the big potty; and you insist on doing it "a self."  Then you run into the kitchen as fast as you can and wait impatiently for your m&m. 

Today your celebration dance took a turn on the wild side and you ended up with the corner of the table in your face. I'm glad you aren't 1 inch shorter or it could have been a lot worse.

8 July 2012 :: 9.55am  

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Kari Lowrie said...

Oh! This makes my heart hurt! But I am honestly surprised Titus hasn't had facial injuries before now being the little bruiser that he is!