Saturday, June 2, 2012

2 June 2012 :: 000

:: Dutch Soren ::
One of your favorite things to do if I am home during the day is take a nap with me. With your littlest brother on his way, I take a lot of naps on the weekends, and today was no different.  We cuddled and watched pirated episodes of the Cosby Show.  

You assured me "It's ok, Mommy, I don't need a nap; I'm not tired" but ten minutes later, you were out. 

I love watching you sleep, my sweet boy. 

2 June 2012 :: 3.22pm

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Grammy said...

What a lovely way to keep a diary for your children!
I love that you share these with us. It brings back fond memories of when you were little.
One day, you too, will be "looking back" on these precious days and, like your mom, smile and perhaps shed little tear once in awhile.