Sunday, March 11, 2012

anatomy of a care package

my name is liz. i'm 34, and i still get care packages.

this week we were fortunate enough to receive 3 such care packages, so we are now munching down on girl scout thin mints, skittles, gummy bunnies, and pop tarts. if you've ever lived away from these things, you'll realize what a huge deal it is to get a little taste of america delivered to your front door. it's like a hug, in a box.

it's a sacrifice for our families to send these care packages, and i'm sure they could have purchased a car with just the postage costs alone over the past 18 months, but i for one am thankful that they think of us and send us the little things that remind us of home and make us feel loved.

to give you an idea of just how thoughtful these packages are, i will diagram the latest one from my little sister, who somehow has time to put together these insanely special packages between shifts on an oil rig out in the gulf of Angola.


after cutting through the massive tape, top layer:

each package always has something for me, something for the boys, and something for zach. and because she is extra thoughtful, there is always a little surprise, or 2, or 3. as this was my 'happy birthday' and 'you're having another baby' box, most of this was for me. i'm not gonna lie - i loved it!

second layer:

something for zach:

a little something for the boys:

now before i post more pictures, let me share with you a little OCD tendency that my sister and i share... we are fanatical about packaging and gift wrapping. its almost as if the packaging IS the gift, and i get no end of pleasure from opening such items from Aunt Kiki. in the good spirit of our insanity, she, of course made sure the packaging was awesome. i'm the kind of girl who will keep the box after the gift... yes, i have a box of 'boxes i love' in my wardrobe.

exhibit a.

exhibit b.

exhibit c.

no box is complete without a little taste of home... yes, that's right, that's a box of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. THIN MINTS, PEOPLE, gasp!

and then, at the very bottom, nestled away under the peeps and jelly beans and cinnamon bears, are the surprise things. things i would love to have but would never ask for because a. they are expensive and b. i would never ask someone to buy me something that i myself could never buy.

things like, designer maternity jeans

bodum coffee mugs

and, because she knows that Titus has had troubles sleeping through the night these past months...

and my birthday prezy - even though she'd already given me an early one at Christmas. i LOVE Matt and Nat, she knows this. and i just happen to need a new wallet, natch.

i love it. i love her. i love my box.


becki said...

You do indeed have a wonderful sister!

Kari Lowrie said...

She is the best at gift giving! Almost makes me wish I had a sister...almost! ;-p