Thursday, June 14, 2012

14 June 2012 :: 012

:: Dutch Soren ::

Today after work you, me and Tites ran to the Pharmacy. We threw Tites in the stroller and of course, you wanted to push him.  After a few too many run-ins with random stationary sidewalk installations, I took over.  But not before you spotted your old winter hat stuffed in the bottom of the basket. 

"Hey! There's my hat!" and you proceeded to put it on, despite my attempts to point out that it was nearly 70 degrees outside.  With your inside-out hoodie and your toboggan (as Daddy calls it), you were quite the spectacle.

I snapped this only seconds before you got really self conscious and took it off.   

14 June 2012 :: 6.12pm 

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Kari Lowrie said...

This is such a cute face! But he really is looking much too old for my taste.