Thursday, December 9, 2010

minute soup

yes, i forgot my lunch today. this whole 'go to the office thing and be there all day' thing is really an adjustment. not only do i have to get up early and put on something different than what i slept in, i have to do my hair, put on makeup and get all my stuff ready to go. in the dark.

that is another story for another time. today i am focusing on my inability to pack a decent lunch, or in the case of today, no lunch at all...

after consuming as many espressos as my body would allow, i decided i needed some real food before i get home at 630 tonight. on my way to the espresso machine (again) i looked down the windows overlooking the cafeteria and saw (oh holy night!) pizza boxes.

after making my way through the maze of back stairways i found myself for the first time in the empty cafeteria. thankfully it WAS empty, otherwise i would not have had the balls to look into the pizza boxes left on the tables.

despite my rummaging, the cold stale assortment of european pizzas did not appeal to my high standards (warm and decent looking enough to eat). on my way out however, i did pass by the counter that had a lovely assortment of the european version of 'cup a soup'. i quickly grabbed a packet and scoured two other 'common areas' to find a cup and a spoon. cup - check. spoon - still missing.

and thus... my first blog post from my new job, IN BELGIUM.)

cup of soup is gross (and yet, strangely satisfying) the world 'round.

* note that the packet is called 'minute soup' and that there are instructions for mixing in dutch. good thing i am already familiar with the cup of soup method already. otherwise i'd be up a very hungry creek...

*don't even ask about the odd glances and furrowed brown i was getting from my desk mate as i took multiple pictures of my soup with my iphone. just. don't.


Lolly said...

You are so funny! I miss you so much!
Side note-the secret word is "spolene" that seems like it could really mean something!

becki said...

Eyebrowns!!! I love your first Belgian blog! I love you!