Tuesday, November 16, 2010


#1. sometimes i take longer in the shower than absolutely necessary in attempt to get a few extra 'me' minutes.

#2. if frosting is missing from a piece of cake, it was me.

#3. i still use 2 spaces after a period.

#4. if zach and i had known each other in high school we would not be married right now.

#5. i think i look really cute in hats, but rarely have the balls to wear one.

#6. the hoodie is my absolute favourite piece of clothing. period.

#7. i am not photogenic. i look much cuter in person, preferably viewed in front of a "skinny mirror."

#8. i like spreadsheets. like, a lot.


becki said...

i like you!

becki said...


1. I like that you edited and republished your confessions post with a few edits/additions.

2. That is all.