Thursday, June 17, 2010

my new old best friend

naps. feeding. potty training. full time job. adult meals. toddler meals.

i am going somewhere with this...

i bought this sporty little number years ago when i decided i needed to train for a half marathon. *note: i did train, i just never ran IN the actual race. but now that i am a SAHFTJWM (stay at home full time job working mother), i no longer attempt to run, and mainly try to keep my life and family in some sort of ordered chaos.

i have the stopwatch running to tell me when titus needs to eat and sleep. i have the timer going to remind me (and dutch) when it's 'potty time' and when to pull the dinner from the oven before it becomes too well done. lord knows i don't have the mental capacity at this stage to remember potty time, formula time, to look into the crm reporting issues, and not burn the chicken.

now i know that iphone has 'an app for that' but seeing as we are trying to save money for our move this fall, i've opted not to spend the money on the latest and greatest baby app (okay, i'd really rather spend that money on the delicious new sade album, don't judge me).

my best friend is on his last legs though. the indiglo no longer works and i am forced to use real and actual overhead light at night to gauge whether or not titus is hungry or just awake. the strap is currently being held on by a hair tie wound as many times as i can get it around to keep it on... and soon, very soon, he will pass away and i will be completely and utterly stranded until i get a new one (which will be immediately if not sooner). failure on my part to carry out the task and replace this wrist friend will drop the whole lowrie family into a new level of chaos; i'm just not capable of doing this on my own.

and so, a eulogy of sorts in anticipation of his race well run and the passing of the torch to a new teammate:

dearest marathon wr50m,

you've done well. you've served your purpose and gone above and beyond your calling. thank you for the wonderful years we've spent together; for being there when i needed you most, and sitting silently in the wings when i didn't. you've been a true friend and you will be truly missed.

warmest regards,

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