Friday, May 28, 2010

over much?

reading over my blogs from the past few months i've come to a very harsh realization -

i over-punctuate.

like, a lot.

which is humorous to me, because my other half (zach) likes to ride closer to the other end of the spectrum and grossly under-punctuates. it's just one extremely long stream of consciousness, and though it's good stuff (really, it is. i'm not just saying that), i have to read it like he is talking to me so that i actually get what he's saying. i tend to get sidetracked with mentally editing (or rather, punctuating) his posts so that i end up reading it more than a few times before i've really soaked it in.

my two biggest transgressions are the ellipse ... and the period. between. each. word. i would have to say i 'over comma' too, but i haven't come to grips with that yet, so i'm just going to pretend that i use the comma just the right amount. (baby steps, right?)

i notice this creeping into my work emails now too. that stinking ellipse. not so much the extra periods... yet.

there is a huge hypocrisy to all this, as i am somewhat of a spelling and grammar nazi. if a person is to say or spell something wrong, you can bet i'm going to notice and chances are, i will say something about it, too. and to make matters worse, as you can clearly see, i have zero respect for the sanctity of the upper case either.

i'm wondering if there is a 12 step program for people like me. i think i might need help.

i just had to throw that out there.


becki said...

We're a lot alike we is. Yes. We. Is. (except I still capitalize most of the time)

LIZZY said...

that's why we are friends, bexes. wit, punctuation, grammar, and love... lots. and. lots. of love.

Mommypotamus said...

I used to be extremely proper/formal with everything I wrote. Then I met Daniel and he told me I sounded like a machine and should just write like I talk. So I started doing that . . . now I can't remember how to write properly!

Jamie said...

I prefer to think of it as writing in onomatopoeia. it's a gift. really.

Also? I've realized that the more over-the-top you go with, grammar and; punctuation... the less peo\ple notice when you* make an actual mi$take. Ya know?

Just roll with it...

Lauren @ Just Add Lauren said...

I feel as though I wrote this post myself! I love to 'over-comma" and I don't like capitalization too much either (its something about the extra effort it takes with my hands on the keyboard). However, you better believe I notice it when other people have incorrect issues (more so with grammar than with punctuation). My biggest pet peeve is when people say something like "you can give it to Linda or myself." Like they are trying to sound all proper and smart, but really they are just wrong! Argh!
Thanks for the post!