Tuesday, December 16, 2008

what the

so i found a friend yesterday. i guess it is significant more that it has caused me to reach back into the recesses of my memory and bring up good times in highschool-land than anything else. i had some good friends in high school, but there were a few that i will always remember no matter how much time has passed since the glory days of palmer high (go moose!). they are fond memories of a time passed and i wonder on occassion where they are and what they are up to. katie metzler (now kruger) is one of them... reconnected in 2006. andrew harrison... reconnected <18 hours ago.

if our high school career was a sitcom and i was the starring role (natch), andrew would have been cast as the younger, akward, yet extremely talented and witty sophmore. always ready with the perfectly timed one liners that would make you almost pee your pants.

andrew was the type of guy who was friends with everyone, choosing music and theatre over the over-hyped sports teams. when you were friends with andrew, you didn't really have to find something to 'do', he alone was enough.

along with katie metzler and john davidson, andrew was one of my favourite people. and we were all friends. not secret crush friends, not if we hang out long enough maybe we'll hook up friends. simply good friends. i know that is rare, but we had it.

when i left for college, he made me a tape. not a mix tape, mind you, a tape of songs that he had written for me. not love songs, andrew harrison songs. songs reminiscent of adam sandler with funny lyrics and different voices; i loved it! yes, i still have it.

trying to catch up on 12 years of post high school life is tough on instant messenger, but thankfully we pushed through, and i've rediscovered my old friend. a little older, a little beat down by a job that doesn't fit him, still creating music, still so talented, and i know... just given the chance, still able to make me pee my pants.

thanks facebook, i owe you one


becki said...

was andrew also the type of friend that found your penchant for British word spellings as...ahem..."colourful" and endearing as I do? :)

love! I have friends just like that from high school, right down to the theater & music preference over sports! good times.

bullets said...

maybe i should post a blog on all my long lost girlfriends too?!?!?!?!