Wednesday, December 10, 2008

don't blink

i woke up this morning to a smiley, sleepy-eyed one year old. what once was just my little bundle of joy, is now a full on little person; complete with a full head of hair and a real life personality. not sure when this happened, but i do know it came too quickly. who would have thought that one year would bring forth such a character? certainly not i. of course, i should have seen it coming, he takes after daddy in so many ways; it's only natural he would inherit the same charming, playful, and laid back ways.

somehow over the course of one year, saying 'my kid' no longer sounds weird, referring to myself in the third person as 'mommy' is second nature, and every invitation to hang out with friends is followed up with the question "is this a kid or no kid thing?"

being a williams, it's only natural that i recount all of the the little 'dutchisms' that i treasure; the things that make him the one and only, dutch soren lowrie. things like knowing that no matter how many times i put his socks on they will be off in a matter of minutes, that a bath cures a bad mood, that he is addicted to cheddar bunnies, that when he puts his head close to mine he is asking me to tell him a 'secret', that he will inhale squeal whenever he sees jack, that he loves it when i sing coldplay songs to him even though i sound nothing like chris martin and i usually end up making up my own words, that he likes to look at his hands when he is trying to crawl really fast, that i cease to exist for a few moments when kacy bruton enters the room, that if it can move across the floor you can believe he is going to push that sucker into the wall, that no meal goes without at least one attempt to throw something to the floor, that he will flash his best smile when he knows he is about to get into trouble, that if it's on the floor you will find it in his mouth within minutes, that when he reaches for me it is the single most best feeling in the whole world.

happy birthday, my sweet boy!

lots of love from your overly sappy mommy


Des said...

Isn't it weird how all the cliches become so true when you become a mom. The "time flies" the "I never knew I could love like this" the "my kid is the smartest kid in the world". It's all true! I love being a mom!
SO happy that little dutch boy is 1 year old!!

Lolly said...

Definitely inherited that flashing a smile when he's about to get in trouble from his daddy! I think it only works on mommies and somehow those boys know it.

becki said...

I love Dutch and I love his mommy and daddy! Can't believe he's one!!

mbriscoe said...

Yea! What a cool little person! I hope emily is only so lucky to go on a date with him in 18 years ;-)
Happy Birthday Dutch!