Wednesday, December 24, 2008


zach makes fun of me for saying it, and i only say it when i am really put out by something. and in this instance, i say to you sir, SERIOUSLY.

i had long been under the suspicion that someone has been stealing our mail periodically, and tonight my suspicions were confirmed. it's not one of those situations where it feels good to tell your spouse 'see, i told you', i'd much rather have just been wrong. our neighbor was nice enough to stop by tonight and tell us that he saw the car who did it and followed him around the neighborhood. apparently we are not this scofflaw's only target, but our entire neighborhood.

who thinks of this stuff? who sits at home and thinks, yes, tonight i will steal mail? tonight the Rosewood Estates will be my mail free for all. (okay i'll admit it IS brilliant, and there is a very small chance of getting caught or even prosecuted if you do and the payoff could be huge, but still...)

not that i care much if someone steals my mr. jim's coupons, my victoria's secret catalogue (another one will come in tomorrow's mail anyway), or even my utility bill... hell he can even pay it if he wants to. but i do care that someone is taking something of mine, ESPECIALLY in this season of the holiday, where i am expecting not only gifts, but cards WITH money in them. GAH!

my indignant husband is outside looking for the scoundrel right this very moment. my hero!

so if any of you see a blue chevy SUV with the license plate: JRD-226, please take a moment to ram him from behind and ask him politely for my missing potterybarn kids magazine.


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becki said...

did you guys file a police report?! That is crazy!! He could be getting bank statements, too! (unless you go paperless :))