Tuesday, November 18, 2008

what can brown do for you?

so our great nation is facing somewhat of a crisis, and i have already read way too many blogs on politics (1. 1 is plenty) and my office is somewhat depressed and holding its breath waiting to see if we've all made it through the 'necessary cutbacks'. in light of this and in an effort to bring giggles to the masses, i feel that there is no better time than now to post it. a significant enough amount of time has passed since this picture was taken. i don't know why i have this penchant for dressing as the most unattractive characters i can think of for costume parties. no, i am never the hot nurse or the cute devil or princess leia. nope, i am zorro or...the ups guy. (one year i was margot tenenbaum, and i DID manage to pull that off).
my sole consolation is that my husband can always "one up" me... he was a toilet one year. yes, i said a toilet.
anyway, here is my tribute to the guys who deliver our packages (props to leah for supporting the rival FEDEX)

yes, that is indeed a drawn in mini "stache" and goatee. i had sideburns at one point, but i think in the midst of the forray, they were rubbed off. no ups guy is complete without the mullet ponytail... that's right, mullet pony. woop woop!


Lolly said...

Though I only saw your Zorro in pictures I still loved it!!! It is legendary. People probably think Z is the only funny one, but they are soooooo wrong.

Alecia said...

That's awesome! If you would have been in a costume contest, you probably would have won.

bullets said...

that WAS a long time ago...ok maybe not that long ago but still. you are very creative and keep me on my toes as to what i can do. if it weren't for you i would be a boring person anyway.