Thursday, November 20, 2008

back to balanced

my phone, my company supplied and paid for cell phone, accidentally fell into the swimming pool on labor day. much to my chagrin, it was forever destroyed and as i was not due for an upgrade or a free replacement anytime in the near or distant future, i was left with the option to rummage through the old phone bin at the office to find a 'free' replacement phone. i was somewhat successful in finding the (brick) style 8525. i'm sure it was the 'it' phone in its day.. touch screen, slide out qwerty keyboard, windows mobile compatibility.
personally, i hate it. hate. it.
this is what i have been using for the past 3 months, and it has nearly destroyed me.

it is bulky, did not tell me when i had a voicemail until hours later, the touch screen did not work half of the time, and sometimes it would ring and sometimes not so much. this tiny hiccup in my ordered life caused major upheavel. i know it's not healthy to form attachments to bits of technology, but it left me feeling unbalanced and under connected to the world as i know it. not even the recent disconnect of our cable tv cold turkey has been as shocking and unbalancing as losing my blackjack.

yesterday that all changed. my replacement phone (the one i paid for with my own monies), my beloved blackjack (II), arrived via fedex to my front steps. with esther's help, i have it programmed and ready to go, and i'm back in the game, jack! my fingers automatically know where to press to get what i want. texting while driving is no longer a life endangering task... my fingers are my eyes; no need to look at the screen. and yes, when you call me, i will be able to answer it.

when is my next meeting today? let me just check my blackjack
how would i get to said meeting? oh, let me just check on my blackjack which just happens to have interactive google maps installed
did he email me that contract yet? oh yes, here it is, on my blackjack

what you want to see the latest picture of my kid? why don't you go ahead and look... on my blackjack

yes, i feel zen. balanced. the yin to my yang is back.

yeah, its no iphone, but who needs an iphone, when you have... a blackjack (II)!!