Tuesday, August 5, 2008

rant much?

so reading over my past few blogs, i have come to realize that i do indeed like to rant about my job and the various trials that seem to inevitably come with the territory. i rarely, if ever, relay the more upbeat and possibly even 'good' things about my job (there aren't many, but i should probably still appreciate them).

so this is a good blog about my job.

as i write this, i wonder if maybe what i am about to write is an indicator of my ineptness to do my job well, however, these circumstances were well out of my control, and i had done all that i could do on my end to make them successful. that said, here is why i am able to find happiness over the course of the next two weeks:

my event in oklahoma city this week - canceled.
my event in tulsa next week - canceled.

yes, i still have to go to houston the following week, but, 1 out of 4 ain't bad.

to add to the greatness that is a break from corporate travel, our company is undergoing some serious framework changes, and i greet this with morbid curiousity. my favourite thing currently is to speculate on how the changes will affect me and how much (if any) severance i might be given, if my position were to be eliminated. if, if, if... nothing is concrete yet, and i have been assured that my job is safe...for now. it is fun to observe how many people panic, how many actually jump ship, hear the whispers in the hallway, and listen to employees do their own speculating.

it's a different atmosphere than the norm, and i for one, like it.

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Des said...

I hope you get laid off, and you know I say that wanting the best possible awesomeness for you :)