Wednesday, August 6, 2008

le bistro

most mornings i wake up and it feels the same as every other day. but there are those rare mornings where i wake up and the day just feels different. good different. it usually takes me a few hours to pinpoint what the'feel' of these sorts of days. today it only took two hours, and i have determined that today feels like a belgium day. having not yet been to belgium, i guess i should more correctly deem this a 'european' feel. the sky is cloudy, the heat has yet to beat down on us, and the air just smells, um, european...? i look forward to days like this as they fuel my escapism bent. i can imagine myself sitting in a little bistro somewhere sipping my espresso, soaking in the more laid back culture europeans seem to have perfected.

the countdown to our belgium trip in october has begun, and lends itself to more and more ponderings in the quiet moments of my busy life to wondering what it will be like. it's nice to have things such as these to look forward to. i can't allow myself to think two years into the future when our entire world will be turned upside down and i'll be ordering my espresso in fluent french instead of broken french out of my french/english dictionary. for now i'll be content to escape two months into the future and all that this belgium trip brings to the table.

i know my ideals are just that - ideal. i know life in belgium won't always be laid back and chilling at the outdoor cafe. but for now i will enjoy the images my mind brings forth and pray that i will cherish the things about my life as it is right now, as i'm sure my time at the french cafe in the future will be spent reminicing about my life as it is in the here and now and all the wonderful and special things it holds.


Des said...

With the last month like it has been, I have even been craving the coolness of Belgium. Or at least maybe the overcast-ness...

I can't wait for the trip to begin!

It's going to rock!

Missie Rose said...

wait a hot second...your moving to belgium?!? really? one can do that? sign me up.

and tell me more.

Michelle said...

Yah, whatever link you went to or person you paid let me know because I'm all about getting the f*ck out of Dallas, Texas and America.

Sarah said...

what i like is how close belgium & berlin actually are. I mean. not as close as danish & ola are.. but in relation to being on the other side of the world... close. ya know?

Anonymous said...

you're gonna miss me!
God bless the USA!