Thursday, July 10, 2008

it's business time...

not the flight of the conchord's 'business time', though i'm pretty sure zach would be down with that kind of business when he gets home tonight. ahem...

no, just regular old stinky business trip time. i traveled quite a bit before i got pregnant and so it's been around 9 months, eh, maybe even a year, since i've had to actually go away on a business trip. tuesday was my first overnight business trip away from the baby. the first of 6. yes, you read it right, the next 6 weeks i will be out of town on business EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT and all day wednesday.

this week it was austin. i'm glad i started with austin, because i feel a connection to that city. whenever i visit, i determine that we will move there because it just makes me happy. i love cities like that. usually those cities are overseas, but there are a few US cities that i've fallen in love with. austin, definitely.

not that i had much time to do anything except sit. lots of sitting. sitting at the registration desk, sitting through the seminar (okay just parts of it, not all of it), sitting at the airport, and sitting on the plane back to dallas.

it's amazing how lonely it gets, and fast, when you are used to being around people all the time (and by people i mean, baby, husband, roommate) and then there is just this hotel room and me. i thought i might actually enjoy some time to myself, but this is forced self time, and it just doesn't quite have the sweetness to it that "nonworkrelated" self time possesses.

i did have two roommates in my room, but i did not discover them until the wee hours of the morning whilst getting ready for my day. i promptly squashed them with my shoe and one went down the toilet and one was left to suffer in the trashcan. yes, they were roaches. GUH! i expected a tad bit of sympathy or at least an 'oh geez, that is awful, how can we fix that?' when i informed the front desk, but "kim" merely looked up and said 'OK' and then went back to shuffling her papers in a very dismissive 'you're still here?' manner. i held back my bitchy side (plus i didn't really have time to chase down my thoughts and form a cohesive and tactful yet somewhat explicit retort) and now am planning to put down my thoughts in a professional and dignified manner when Embassy Suites sends me the 'how was your stay' survey they always send. i certainly will not be giving them the '10' the note in my suite so kindly asked me to give them on said survey.

up next, tulsa.

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Michelle said...

I couldn't agree you more about Austin. I freakin LOVE that city. Eric and I will live there eventually. The best thing about Austin is their snocones. My gosh they are delicious! Now about the roaches, that is simply unexceptable. Embassy should be ashamed.