Wednesday, June 25, 2008

gross factor

gross factor scale
1 - gross but i can deal
10 - so gross it caused me to throw up in my mouth

1 jar of earth's best pureed spinach and potatoes
gross factor = 3

1 jar of earth's best pureed spinach and potatoes puked up into my hand via baby
gross factor = 11

i can't talk about it. i have a hand to sanitize and a hurley t-shirt, size 6 months, to get spinach stains out of.


Des said...

One time Lyric did that to me, except it was all over my neck and got on my chin. It was sooo nasty. But not as bad as some things I've had to clean up that's come out of my nieces! :)

Missie Rose said...

awesome. i had conrad spit up in my mouth once (via the baby airplane manuever). it was super hard to do what my insticts wanted me to, and that was scream while throwing this thing that just revolted me to high heaven as far away from me as possible.

Anonymous said...

I agree very disgusting. I dont recall that ever happening to me with any of my 3 children. Why is that? I guess I am very lucky, and by the way Missie, your's is way grosser!!! - Kara