Tuesday, September 25, 2007

no, sir, you are no race car driver

Okay so I am the first to admit that I am not a good driver. I don't even come close to being a good driver, however, as someone who has to share the road with all types, I feel that I am entitled to give a little bit of advice for some of you who seem to have not grasped a few simple rules:

1. Just because you have the Dale Earnhardt sticker on your "kick ass" dually truck that almost borders on the 'semi truck' category does not mean that you can DRIVE LIKE DALE EARNHART. I just love being cut off by the #3 as he swerves in and out of traffic, not to mention completely missing the concept that the HOV lane is not a designated passing lane. The double lines actually DO mean something!!!

2. I admire greatly the 'safe driver' who chooses to drive the speed limit. There are also those of you out there who like to take it to the next level and drive s-l-o-w-e-r than the posted speed limit. I applaude you, but please... (PLEASE) do not pull your 'I'm a super safe driver' in the far left lane. I thought it was well known that the Left lane is the fast lane and the underlying principle behind it is that you must be going AT LEAST the speed limit. Please, choose to be safe in the other lanes so I can be reckless in my fast lane.

3. Blinkers. Yes, you have those on your car for a reason. Apparently some of you are innocent as to how those work. Let me help you out - the blinker is for indicating where you are going, nothing more. Many of you think that turning your blinker on in traffic to change lanes somehow magically makes the 12 inches between me and the car in front of me change to a whole car length. NOT GONNA HAPPEN, FRIEND. Just to clarify, putting your blinker on as you steer the front of your vehicle into that 12 inches and praying that the driver behind you (me) will slam on her brakes and go ahead and let you in does not work. Never will.


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Lolly said...

Amen, sister! It's just as scary to be in the actual vehicle with said driver.