Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Giant Chewy Sweetarts

Am I the only one who eats my GCST (giant chewy sweetarts) in order according to color? green, yellow, purple and THEN the yummy cherry red. Save the best for last right? Right?!


Jon and Des V. said...

Hmmm... I just found this elusive blog I heard you talking about! :) Ya, you need to blog more! :)
I personally keep the yellow one for the last. I like it tart!
I'll be looking for some cute little clothes for little Dutchy-Boy! (I put a y on the end of every name, it's just what I do).

becki said...

Liz I think that you may in fact be the only person who does that. ;)

Matanuska Girl said...

Sorry sis, but I have to agree with Becki. I personally, eat my GCS from my least favorite then proceed to the sweet finale! (Lemon, cherry (a highly overrated and over-used flavor...boring.), then it's a toss up between grape and apple. I wish they would come out with the blue raspberry flavor...yum.