Tuesday, May 7, 2013

07 May 2013 ::

:: Titus Hinrik ::

You might be my tough guy, but you have such a soft little heart and a deep instinct to protect.  The way you took time to care for your monkey before heading out to play in the rain tonight is just a small glimpse into the kind of man I see you growing up to become; champion for what's right, defender of the weak, a man of character and integrity. 

I love you, "Sweet T"... more than you'll ever know.

07 May 2013 :: 7:09pm


Kari Lowrie said...

Tites is such a nurturer! I love seeing that develop and you and Zach do a great job of allowing each of your boys to be who they are!

Anonymous said...

Your little monkey is happy and content! I like watching how gentle you are with your little brother, Finn. And Finn's eyes just light up when he sees his brother!
Love, Grammy