Tuesday, March 12, 2013

11 March 2013 ::

:: Finnik Liam ::

I love everything about you, monsieur Lowrie. Your rubber band wrists and pudgy thighs, the way you scream when you are excited, how you coo in your bed when you are awake in the mornings, your wide one tooth grin when you see your big brothers.

One look at you and my mother's heart just melts.

11 March  2013 :: 12:56pm


Kari Lowrie said...

He's so adorable I can hardly stand it! How do you handle the cuteness every day!

Kari Lowrie said...

This pic is now my new screensaver. I desperately need a pic of the 3 Lowrie Bros together!

Anonymous said...

We grandparents so love these little boys, and enjoy the snippits into their daily lives. Finn's bright personality shines thru those beautiful eyes!
As a mother, you can fully understand the deep, fervent love is for your child, something that cannot be taught,or explained.And to think, our Heavenly Father loves us even more. Isn't it amazing?
Love, Grammy