Wednesday, November 14, 2012

14 November 2012 :: 168

:: Titus Hinrik ::

Today you had your very first play date with Camille.  At your request, I came with you and had a lovely time chatting with her mom.  

You are both still a bit young to play "with" other kids; you both more or less play "near" one another.  Several times Camille did something you didn't like, and you would run over to me and point to Camille, and say "that kid" and name her offense. I couldn't help but laugh even as I reminded you "that kid" has a name and is your friend. 

I was so proud of you; you behaved so very well, even when I know you were a bit frustrated at some of Camille's antics.  

Being so good must have worn you out, because when we got home you vented all of your "punk" energy which landed you on the couch for a much needed time out.  When I came to get you, I saw you'd fallen asleep... that sleep position was punishment enough for the both of us.

14 November 2012 :: 4.47pm


Des said...

haha! how was that position even possible!

Unknown said...

cute but OUCH

Kari Lowrie said...

It looks like he was in action and his power source was disconnected! lol!

Grammy said...

Titus puts 110% into everything he does and it wears him out! I was so amazed at how quickly he falls asleep, even in mid sentence!
So glad his first play date with "that kid" went well!
Titus always makes us smile!