Monday, November 12, 2012

12 November 2012 :: 166

:: Titus Hinrik ::

You've been sick quite a lot lately, and we are upping the war on veggies and fruits with you.  Tonight, after about two hours of battle, you finally caved and tried a bit of cauliflower soup.  

After your first tentative bite, you looked up, face beaming and yelled, "I like it!"

You were so proud of yourself. We were too.

Battle broccoli still wages strong...

12 November 2012 :: 7.23pm


Kari Lowrie said...

Oh that cute little face!!

I remember these kinds of battles long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away with Aunt Steph!

Grammy said...

YEAH Titus! Grammy and Papa are proud of you! Good job!