Saturday, July 21, 2012

21 July 2012 :: 050

:: Brothers ::

Today is Belgian Independence Day!  The Commune by our apartment always has a little carnival set up with live music, games, food, and of course, a beer tent.  Daddy took you over to check it out in between rain showers.  
You came running back in 45 min later to show me the new Fire Truck you 'won' playing the floating ducks game.  I've never seen two little guys so excited about a prize before. 
Of course, this fire truck is not the highest quality, and after you each had your turn of 20 minutes to play with it, we'd already lost the ladder, a wheel and some other various bits and pieces. You did not care one bit.
Neither of you bothered to take off your jackets before you dove into playing with your new toy.

21 July 2012 :: 3.49pm

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