Wednesday, July 4, 2012

04 July 2012 :: 033

:: Dutch Soren ::

You love to park all your cars and trucks in a line, or in a parking lot, depending on the situation.  You've done this ever since you were little and your lines and lots have grown grander the older you get. You've started talking to your cars and imagining little scenarios and I love to eavesdrop on your little world.

Tonight we are waiting up for Daddy to get home from guitar lessons so he can take you for a bike ride; a "night ride" as you call it. I love how excited you get over little things like this.  It's pretty adorable. 

4 July 2012 :: 8.47pm


Kari Lowrie said...

Someday his obsession may switch to GI Joes who will not only engage in combat but play soccer, play baseball and entertain for hours! I love a boy with a well developed imagination!

LIZZY said...

He's definitely branching out into Non Vehicle related scenarios... It's pretty fun to watch.