Saturday, June 9, 2012

9 June 2012 :: 007

:: Brothers ::
You are finally at ages where you can play together.  Titus is old enough to hold his own, and more often than not, throw the first punch.  You both love cars and trains, but Titus loves to wrestle and Dutch, you are just not into that. 

Some days I feel like my title should be changed from Mommy to Referee, but I still love my little people and even the drama that comes with it.  I marvel at how you can be fighting one minute and playing happily together the next.  

Tonight was a special night as you both got to stay up and watch "the whole movie." Halfway through, Dutch slides off the couch and walks over to ask me "Mommy, can you teach me to speak whale, please?"  I do my best, but I am no match for Dory.

9 June 2012 :: 8.56pm

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