Wednesday, June 20, 2012

20 June 2012 :: 018

:: Brothers ::

I took this picture to remind me that A. you actually DO get along sometimes, and B. why I love our apartment.  When it gets hot, we don't turn on the AC (because it does not exist), we open all the windows in the apartment.  

Daddy has figured out a special setup that allows the air to flow through the whole apartment starting from your room all the way to the living room.  It's quite magical, and has saved us, thus far, from having to buy a fan. 

You love to look down at the street and call out "Bonjour!" to the people passing by.  Some look up and wave and others give me the furrowed brow, as if I shouldn't allow you to be perched up there. 

20 June 2012 :: 10.19am

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