Friday, June 17, 2011

a tad bit disconcerting

so in fear (and a little teensy bit hopeful) that i have carpel tunnel syndrome, i've booked an appointment with the local osteopath here in town. (the 'hopeful' bit only relates to the 3 weeks off from work that i would receive as part of the recovery package, but i digress...)

thankfully he speaks some english, but after trying to spell the street on which his office is located nearly 4 times and i still couldn't get it right, he told me to go to his website and i'd find it there. of course it's in French, but thanks to the ever helpful Google Translate, i found the addy and once on the site, i decided to peruse further and see what medical adventure i could be in for.

and then i found this little gem of a page:

i encourage you to scroll quickly past the sketchy image of the open wrist (gah!!) and read the post-surgery notations.

here let me help you:

thanks to my best friend, yes, i mean you Google Translate, i know am now the owner of the knowledge that not only will i lose the use of my hands for a few weeks, i will also lose a son. maybe 2, not sure if it's 1 son per hand or just 1 son in total; i must remember to clarify with the doc.


Girish said...

LOL! Tough country.

Kari Lowrie said...

Okay, I'm going to have to strongly disapprove of this procedure! Unless they need to relocate said son(s) to an extremely remote location...I think i can help them out with that part.

Saphraine said...

That's awesome. Of course it would translate to something ridiculous!