Thursday, August 5, 2010

inspired by the worst

So, i pretty much wrote half a blog in the comments section of this hilarious post by VWM, so i am just going to suck it up and make it a post on my blog. sue me, i'm lazy like that.

We were in Ukraine visiting friends (strangers that were to become good friends at this stage) a few years ago and I, being a VERY picky eater (read: if it even looks a tad bit on the sketchy side, i'm OUT) thought I would claim being a very staunch vegan in order to politely refuse any sketchy russian foods placed before me. They are so amazingly hospitable with the very little that they have that I found they were scrambling to find me something to eat so when 'Mama Nila' asked if I perchance ate fish wanting so badly to make me 'eat! eat!' - i answered 'yes'. she runs to the fridge (which was about 2 inches from the kitchen table we were neatly packed up against) and pulls out some weird scary fish 'things' and placed it in front of me. "eat! eat!" it was SO gross looking i almost threw up in my mouth (okay, i did). it was whole little fish (like sardines, only bigger) in a thick fish juice. i think i managed to eat 2 with everyone watching me intently...there was NO getting out of this one. it was THE grossest thing i've ever eaten.

one day i know we will live there and hopefully (dear God) by then i will have this 'iron stomach' she speaks of.

THIS is THE biggest hurdle this missionary faces... and um, it's a BIG one.

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