Friday, February 5, 2010


it matters not from whom i received this particular fwd, what matters is that i actually read this one and was irritated enough to 'reply all' in the form of a blog post. i get a lot of fwds in any given day, and i will be honest and admit right up front that i delete them immediately. it doesn't matter how cute the slideshow of kittens promises to be, or how funny some top 10 list teases - DE.LETE.

yesterday, i was having a very rough day and was enticed enough by the subject "fwd: beautiful" and thought, eh why not? here is what pulled up (after i scrolled through the 12 pages of email addresses this was forwarded to, of course)

"BELIEVE ME THIS WORKED ON ME AS SOON AS I GOT IT. SEND IT WITH SINCERITY, FAITH AND BELIEVE... God has seen you struggling (with something), God says it's over. A blessing is coming your way. If you believe in God send to ten people, please don't ignore, you are being tested."

this frustrates me on so many levels, i don't even know where to start.

yes, God sees you struggling "with something", i won't deny that. i'm pretty sure that falls under the whole 'omniscient' gig. however, this "with something" is akin to the accuracy of a pei wei fortune cookie ...something deep, really deep and insightful, along the lines of "something good will happen to you today."

'if you believe in God, send to ten people, please don't ignore, you are being tested'. i have one word for this - BULLSH*T. if this is the true character of our god, i'm not sure i want to be a christian. let me set the record straight - the almighty does not test you in an email forward. nor does sending this email to ten of your friends confirm your salvation, belief in god, or guarantee a blessing of any sort. failure to send this along does not in any way cancel out the blessing of god on your life.

so as my official response... i will bless my friends (all 10 of them) by NOT forwarding this shoddy philosophy on god and his blessings.