Friday, February 5, 2010

...a few of my favourite things

dutch definitely has his favourites... you know, the ones that must be accounted for at all times and should they go missing, especially in times of crisis, the world threatens to end and your sole mission is to seek out said items and restore peace and order to his little universe.

"beek beet" - his blanket.

some days it goes everywhere with us, some days he is content to leave it in his room until naptime. sometimes he drags it along behind him and watches it bump along the floor. he thinks it's the coolest. thing. ever.

his pickup truck.

this was zach's favourite matchbox car when he was dutch's age, so it's pretty cool that dutch has also reserved a special place in his heart for it. it broke in half a few weeks ago, and handyman daddy 'fixed' it. this consisted of wrapping scotch tape around it a few times.

daddy's old matchbox cars.

kari saved these from when zach was little and he brought them out right around the time we sold our house in october. it doesn't matter which one he is playing with, the one that i am trying to put away (even in super stealth mode) is suddenly the one he very passionately wants to play with. this means all 35 of them are out during the day and scattered throughout the house until bedtime when we can round them up and put them back in their place under the stairs.

daddy's wooden train
this was also a favourite toy of zach's when he was little that kari saved for her grandkids. dutch will lay on the floor and play with it for a good 30 minutes (which for a 2 year old, is pretty darn good).

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