Tuesday, February 16, 2010


angiet. said...

#1 love this.
#2 hate hgc (everybody wants the quick fix)
#3 can I jst do this jst to?? Lol
#4 I'm team Liz!

Josh Briscoe said...

Although I am not an HCG fan, I still think it makes you lose weight faster than just regular dieting... all that to say— good luck at beating someone who's on injections!

Lolly said...

AND..I will make a dozen cupcakes for the winner....obviously I would fail miserably at this contest!

becki said...

I've known a couple friends on it the hgc diet, and while the results are amazing, I don't know many of the details. Doesn't part of the diet involve eating around only 500 calories a day? I might be incorrect about that, but if not, no WONDER people are losing weight so fast!? They aren't eating!

racheljenae said...

I want to be in too... maybe I could be on the judging team? The weighing/measuring team?

I would definitely suggest the measuring system too, cause weight can switch over to muscle..
I fill like there should be a starting line somewhere and i should fire a gun! just an idea :)