Friday, October 2, 2009

omg that is so 1993

i recently started taking french. it's every saturday and i love it! it is through the french alliance of dallas (or more properly Alliance Fran├žaise de Dallas), which i would highly recommend over any community college course you will find out there. i pulled out my french class notebook the other day to study and zach noticed and started teasing me about how i was just like a jr high girl, decorating my notebooks. i will admit, it has some band stickers, and some random sticker i got from some online store i bought something from ages ago - but it's there to cover up the boring "EMC" logo (the company i work for) - it serves a purpose.

if i had to be honest, i'd say it was closer to a high schooler notebook than a junior higher's - there are no "BFF's" scrawled anywhere within its pages, nor is there any sign of me practice writing my name with my crush of the day's last name appended to it.

after 5 years of marriage, i have come to realize that zach teasing me is one of his ways of flirting. and i have also come to realize that he can tease me about just about anything and as long as he ends it with 'but i think it's cute', i am totally okay with it. sometimes he forgets that part and sometimes my feelings get a little hurt, but all in all it's part of our rhythm and i'm cool with that.

even if it is 'cute' - am i the only 31 year old who still decorates her notebooks?

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