Wednesday, August 12, 2009

fish & boobies

zach took little man out for a bit this morning so that i could knock out some work unhindered. we are trying to get dutch to use his words so we ask a lot of questions. the post-adventure line of questioning went a little something like this -

me - where did you go?
zach - dutch say 'store'
dutch - sto
me - and what else?
zach - tell mommy what you saw...
dutch - boobies!
zach - NO! you didn't see boobies, you saw fish
dutch - bish!

apparently, they ate some blueberries at the store, and dutch calls them "boobies"... he LOVES blueberries, so I guess that won out over telling me about the fish he saw.


becki said...

like father like son.

Lolly said...

Maybe he saw boobies, too but Zach didn't want him to spill the beans. You know, the quick cover up.