Thursday, October 2, 2008

wee morning hours

i probably should just twitter this, because its short. but i wanted to share that i am going to buy a jogging stroller today after work and i am SO excited! i found one on craigslist that looks to be perfect with the minor exception that it is not a maclaren (but really, i don't NEED a maclaren, nor can we afford a maclaren). otherwise, it looks perfect. i am convinced i am getting a good deal on it, but will hold out on that ruling until i see it 'for reals'. dutch and i take walks every morning now and it has been really great. today was an usually early morn for the little guy and after breakfast we headed out for our walk. this morning was chilly enough to bundle him in his cousin grayson's cool sweatpants (or as zach calls them 'sporting pants') and a hoodie (with the hood up, of course), and his little man socks that look just like daddy's. he was sooo cute, and i told him as much as we headed out. so when we started this whole new habit, i was using the umbrella stroller. you know, the one with the plastic wheels. gah! those of you who live in GP know that the streets and sidewalks (where there actually ARE sidewalks) is so not pedestrian friendly, and the little chicco had some issues with the top notch effort at what seems to be at first glance a sidewalk. so we switched to the britax stroller, which has 2 plastic wheels and 2 real wheels. much better, but still... don't get me wrong, i LOVE my britax (it looks cool AND is functional... what what!) but i am convinced i need a jogger. anyway, hopefully this time tomorrow i will have had my first morning walk with the wee one in our new (used) jogging stroller.


Lolly said...

I can't wait to see him all bundled up. Could he BE any cuter?!

LIZZY said...

haha!! could he BE wearing any more clothes?! :)

bullets said...

well we know you haven't used stroller number 4 yet!!!