Tuesday, September 30, 2008


blame blayne. i have this irresistible desire to add 'licious' to random words, and i know, I KNOW, only gay over-tan male designer types are allowed to use it. that aside, today's soundtrack has been quite an interesting array; all over the place really. let me explain... most days as life 'happens' i am mentally cataloguing the bands that would be playing in the background in the movie of my life. i guess i started this in college and have never really stopped. not every moment has a song or a band, just certain ones and usually quite random. some days have one song, some days, like today, have 10+.

today started out as a ella day. (ella and frank are usually almost always accompanied by a chill in the air and a nice pumpkin spice latte, but since i am on a cleanse and it is still 80 outside, it is good to see it can still be an ella/frank day in spite of the conditions). that lasted until about 10 this morning, whence i discovered that the invitations that were printed up and i was to assemble are not going to assemble without looking quite shoddy. cue third eye blind. a few hours of brainstorming and trying things in-house, aaand crisis averted. cue 'here it goes again' - ok go! taking a break from corporate america, i read des' and zach's very sobering blogs. cue jimmy eat world. and here i sit... jimmy eat world while i kill ants on my desk and throw around the idea of heading home early.


Lolly said...

at least someone in the family can write a blog I can chuckle about. ;-P

Justin said...

hmmmm. last time I checked, I still wasn't gay, I'm pale from blogging indoors 24/7, and I'm a carpenter, not a designer.