Friday, March 21, 2008

30, dang

so i am married to probably one of THE greatest men in the whole world. really, i am. he is so thoughtful in that unexpected way that really wins me over. he orchestrated a very successful surprise birthday party for his lovely wife (me) to celebrate the beginning of my 30th year on this earth. and this, he did, whilst in belgium. prior to this surprise ending, we spent the entire day together (minus little man) and that evening when we got in the car to head to 'dinner' he turned on his ipod and what do i hear but a collection of hits from the very year i was welcomed into this world (1978, for those of you who are very poor mathematicians). i had forgotten how much disco was still the 'in' thing when i was but a babe. almost all of my friends and loved ones were there to surprise me and of course, in true lizzy fashion, i did cry (but just a little, mind you, just a little). it was great! great job to everyone who kept this a secret and even tried to throw me off the scent (marian briscoe). ha! i realize that there was no spontaneous dancing on this eve of celebration, and it was probably the secret hope of my husband that there would be, despite his best efforts to persuade us with his ipod playlist. let's face it, if i am not a good dancer by the time i am 30, it's just not going to happen.
yes, this is me - 30. years. old.
it's okay though, i still get carded, and that folks, is what really matters. ;)


mbriscoe said...

your welcome

kari said...

Never was there a lovelier or more youthful 30 year old!