Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's about time

So Daddy has been in Belgium for the past week or so, and we are definitely missing him. A LOT! Even little man is ready to have some daddy time, at least that's what I think he is telling me. He rolled over for the first time (well, times, he did it 3 times) on Monday and I was trying to remember every second of it so I could describe it to Zach. I think I did okay, but I would say that it's one of those things where 'you just had to be there.'
I lurve this season of our little man's life. There are a lot more smiles and cooing, and lots of talking. Sometimes he gets a very serious look when he is telling me something, and I can tell he wholeheartedly believes in what he is saying. He really is a 'little man.' I can't wait for Zach to see him! Mommy is mommy, but Daddy is the fun one, and I know Dutch will be so glad to have his daddy back.

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